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Fun Things To Do Inside with the A/C On Full Blast

Some days, it’s just too hot to venture outside, and all of the video games have been conquered several times over.  On days like these, you’ve got to use a little imagination to keep the kids entertained.  Here are some easy games to play in the nice, cool living room on a summer day in Chandler, Arizona.

Musical Freeze

Choose some of your kids’ favourite songs and turn up the volume. Ask them to dance until the music stops, and when it does, they have to freeze in whatever position they find themselves in. To make the game more challenging, ask the kids to freeze in interesting poses, such as animals, shapes,

Water Bottle Bowling

You’ll need small, empty water bottles, a rubber ball and space in the living room for the “alley”  If the bottles are too light, fill them with a bit of water or dry pasta for extra weight.

Signature Storytelling

This is a good one to give new life to old stories. Start reading one of your children’s favorite books. When you get to a critical point in the action, get the kids to add his own twist to the story and even have them act it out.

A twist on this one is to amass a collection of blank books and have the kids illustrate the story, and change the story as they see fit.  You can go back later and write the words in if they’re still learning to write.  These books also make great keepsakes.

Family-Photo Bingo

Improve your child’s memory and help him learn who’s who in your family tree with this photo game. Take nine (or twelve or sixteen) family photos and arrange them into rows, then give your child nine checkers pieces to serve as bingo chips. When someone calls out “Daddy” or “Grandma,” your child covers the photo with the card. Whoever completes a row wins.

When braving the heat is just too much this summer, these ideas will keep you entertained AND away from the tele.