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Get an Escape at the Arizona Falls

Arizona Falls is the perfect place to briefly escape the desert, while enjoying the sounds of waterfall, the observation of a hydroelectric plant, and even a dance floor. Arizona Falls is located at G.R. Herberger Park (56th Street and Indian School Road). To view these falls, visitors can sit on boulders inside the viewing room and listen to the sounds of beautiful waterfalls, created by a 20-foot drop along the Arizona Canal.

arizona fallsAlthough these falls are definitely soothing to experience, the hydroelectric plant element allows them to be utilized for 750 kilowatts of renewable energy. That can power up to 150 houses! That same energy could probably run a couple dozen dental offices. There’s quite a bit of history behind these falls as well. They were the popular social site to Phoenicians in the late 1800’s, and were Phoenix’s first hydroelectric plant.


The plant was shut down in 1950 and recently reopened by SRP as part of an ongoing renewable energy and canal project. The project will ultimately result in 12-15 miles of canals all around Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix. Take a trip out to view these falls, and learn something about SRP’s renewable energy efforts, too.